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Humans United by Business is a community of 250 business owners who gather regularly to facilitate peer to peer support and professional development.

HUBB is for business owners who want to go from good to great in both a personal & business context in a faster time frame than they can doing it on their own.

No Challenge Too Big Or Too Small


We have a culture of no judgement, no overt sales, taking responsibility and care. Our sense is that life for many busines owners is increasingly complex and demanding. HUBB provides a way for you to connect with people and skills that you need at your stage in business. We feel that every problem or opportunity you are facing as a business owner has already been solved successfully by someone in our community and the way to have a more rewarding journey in business is to develop and sustain life long relationships.

Our community is composed of business owners, sector specialists, accomplished Chairs, business coaches and funders who are all working together to advance their own personal and business objectives.




Being a part of our community of Humans United By Business has many benefits and the outcomes you can achieve are bespoke for every business and include:


We surround business owners with peers & sector specialists who understand their challenges, match them to a chair who can contribute to their journey and put them in front of accomplished business people who are willing to share their learnings.

HUBB exists to change the lives of business owners for the better. We feel that while many busines owners are successful in meeting their strategic objectives many more are not. We are focussed on supporting those business owners that are open to learning and are excited about the changes that a future within our community makes possible.

The time commitment is notionally one afternoon and evening per month 8x per year. Business owners typically start with the mentoring matrix and then join a learning panel of their peers chaired by an accomplished business person. There are no lock in contracts and business owners are free to opt out at any time but we request that people commit to our community for a minimum of 2 years to fully realise the benefits of our community. The financial commitment is $8,950 plus GST per annum.

The financial commitment can be paid as a monthly payment of $768.20 plus GST. Online only options exist for business owners outside of Sydney and they attract a 30% discount on standard fees.
Yes you can. Many of our participants have stated that they never truly understood what HUBB was and where the befits where for them until they participated in one of our conversations events. A good starting point is to attend 1 or 2 conversations events and talk to a number of the participants about what they get out of HUBB. Speak to the CEO and although the mentoring matrix is consistently oversubscribed we may be able to include you via the standby list.
Our community is very diverse and we welcome many people but the avatars we design for are growth oriented or technology-oriented business owners who are ambitious, open to learning and who seek business growth though productive connections. Notionally owners and leaders of businesses with a headcount of 4 to 200.


Very relaxed style that did not over articulate the questions, which left them open for the interviewee to formulate their own interpretation.

The Conversation Event exceeded my expectations. James Spenceley was very generous with his advice and I loved his candid nature in answering the questions. It really sparked some great conversations with other HUBBsters on culture and what makes for a great business. Looking forward to attending again.

Interesting speaker who highlighted the unexpected way that she started her business. Was also interesting to hear that this was her second as attempt.

I loved how real the content was. Hearing about successes in business is motivating, hearing about the struggles prior to the success builds hope and determination.

Andrew was a good "conversation steerer" - very easy style and flow. Rebecca was outstanding and inspirational. Dan kept it all on track!

Guest business owners at Conversation Events, are supported to describe their journey, the great thing about this (from my perspective) is the lack of script, so the message is not a theory but rather a story. This makes it easier to retain the core leanings and also reminds us that all great things start from a humble beginnings and a degree of risk taking.

The networking part of the event was excellent. Have a pre as well as a post networking session was good. Snack quality was good. Venue was pretty easy to get to (and get away from).

At Conversation Events, one thing the HUBB team does exceptionally well is make sure to introduce new people to each other. This serves a double purpose... firstly introducing two new people, secondly (sometimes) helping to disengage from a stagnant conversation! Thank you.

The Conversation Event format is an amazing experience. I loved how real the content was. Hearing about successes in business is motivating, hearing about the struggles prior to the success builds hope and determination.

HUBB Learning Panels are such a safe space. As a business owner, it’s not easy for me to be openly able to share my concerns & fears while also asking for assistance. For me it was very humbling to be in a “safe space” with such insightful and generous business owners.