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AMF#13 - The art & science behind winning tenders & proposals

  • 18 Aug 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Adette Goldberg, MD of Knowledge Core and Specialist - Tenders & Bids in the HUBB community continues to support our journey, sharing her insights and knowledge.

If you want to win more business and use tenders, bids or proposals as part of your sales process, this is for you.

Adette is a marketer and communication strategist with more than 20 successful years in high-performing sales environments. She has a unique insight and approach that allows her to read what’s important to decision-makers and use intuitive vision to achieve outstanding results and wins. 

Adette will be sharing insights on the art & science involved, assisting you to improve your win ratio.

As business owners, we are still leading or are engaged in a business in unprecedented, chaotic times.  While business sentiment may be slowly shifting towards neutral to slightly positive for some as we "bottom out" from the cliff fall, we need to look beyond Corona-virus and ask ourselves, how will my business survive and thrive for the next 12+ months? Now is the time to invest in your strategy ...

Come and join our AMF live video sessions with Specialists in the HUBB community, where you can ask and ideally get an answer or insight to your questions around …. "what I do today/next week/ next month …?", etc.

There is no cost to attend, we've deliberately kept it simple - click "Yes" and we will send you the video call details.

As a reminder, how we respond, not react, during these times, will have the biggest impact on whether we thrive over the next 6+ months, or simply survive. Importantly we need to keep going; but with focus on the correct actions.

Invest the time in your business; it will pay future benefits.


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